Syed Shuja Abbas Abidi Shaheed


                                                          Syed Habib Hasan Abidi

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“Shuja Abidi” is the name of my younger brother. He was martyred on 26th June 2011, in Karachi, Pakistan. My brother was born on 15th Shabaan. He was a courageous, devoted, honest and a true Shi’ite Muslim. He had lived all his life with a pride of being a “Shi’ite Muslim”, he had always told me ,”Wafa,I am really proud to be a Shi’ite Muslim!”. Although, I had always told him….today….I want to tell him one more time, “Shuja, I am reallly proud to be YOUR sister….”.

shujaabidi.net is an Islamic and informative website. The tag line of this website is “Labbaik Ya Hussain”. I will be adding the details of our basic faith, Quran, nohay, photos etc. in this website. This is just the beginning, I will keep on adding more content in the future. I know there are various Islamic websites on the web, which might be better and contain more content as compared to this one, but what makes this site especial is the fact that, it has been created by a sister in remembrance for her brother, Syed Shuja Abbas Abidi Shaheed, who was not only a genuine adorer, an intrinsic admirer; but also an actual, real and original follower of Ah al Bayt(AS).

Syed Shuja Abbas Abidi Shaheed


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