Our Faith

Our Kalma

La’ilah illa Allah Mohammad-ur-Rassol-ullah Ali’un Wali’ullah Wa’wasi-ur-Rassol-ullah Wa’Khalifatahu Bila’fasl

English Translation of the Kalma

LA ILAHA ILLALLAH:  There is no God but  Allah

MUHAMMADUN RASOOLULLAH:  (Our Prophet) Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W) is the Messenger of Allah.

ALIYUN WALI-ULLAH:  Hazrat Ali (A.S) is the guardian (Imam) appointed by Allah.

WA-WASIYO-RASOOLILLAH:  And he (Hazrat Ali A.S) is the Rightful  Executor of the will of the Prophet.

WA-KHALIFATOHU-BILAFASL:  And Hazrat Ali A.S is the Prophet’s first Khalifa

Basic Concepts

God is one (1)
Panjetan are five (5) 
Imams are twelve (12)
Masooms are fourteen (14)
Prophets sent by Allah are total one hundred twenty four thousand (124.000)

Names of the Panjetan

1. Ya Muhammad(S.A.W)
2. Ya Ali(A.S)
3. Ya Fatema(S.A)
4. Ya Hasan(A.S)
5. Ya Husain(A.S)



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